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We Start Here

Choosing Your Ideal Vehicle

Start your United Enterprises Autos experience by perusing our vast inventory of carefully curated vehicles on our user-friendly website. Every vehicle listed is ready for sale. If you have a specific vehicle in mind that’s not on our list, we can custom-source your exclusive vehicle or equipment to meet your exact requirements. Your automotive adventure starts here.

Initiating Your Purchase

Once you’ve chosen your preferred vehicles, kindly get in touch with us to initiate the order placement and calculate the comprehensive charges for shipping to your destination port. Our dedicated sales team will promptly provide you with an Order Placement document. It’s vital to accurately complete your details, especially your contact information, as these will be utilized in the shipping documents. To facilitate the processing of your order/orders, please ensure that your agreed-upon payment mode, whether 50% or 100%, is reflected in our account.

Complete Your Transaction

Upon approval of your order, an official invoice will be issued to you. For a secure, hassle-free, and expedited payment process, we recommend using Telegraphic Transfer (TT) through your bank.

Shipping and Delivery

We ensure your satisfaction by sharing exclusive vehicle pictures for your approval before shipping. Once funds are received, we arrange quick shipment and provide an estimated arrival time of up to four weeks. Essential documents are sent via DHL within 5-7 days for customs clearance preparation. Our staff ensures safe loading, and we conduct thorough vehicle checks and cleaning before shipment to secure any valuables. Your peace of mind is our priority throughout the process.

Collecting Your Vehicle

To streamline the process, we recommend contacting a local clearing agent to arrange the collection of your vehicles or equipment. For a more efficient procedure, you can nominate the clearing agent before shipment, allowing them to receive the necessary documents directly from us. For first-time imports, we can refer you to reputable clearing agents in various countries based on recommendations from our regular customers. It’s important to note that in many countries, customs duties and other fees will be applicable upon the arrival of the vehicles, following the import rules and regulations of each respective country.

Turn Your Dreams into Motion

Once your vehicle arrives, the excitement of owning your “Dream Car” from us becomes an unforgettable memory. Our commitment to honesty is unwavering, and we never compromise on product quality, ensuring that our customers receive what they paid for. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent service, fostering enduring customer relationships. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of our vehicles, our efficiency, and unparalleled service. Our primary focus has always been to provide the utmost service excellence, promising complete customer satisfaction. This exceptional service extends beyond your purchase, as we guarantee competitive prices and unwavering support for all your future needs.
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